Welcome to my first blog! And of course, welcome to my site.  Over the next year I will be writing periodically on various topics, mostly relating to leadership and issues on career and the right fit.  These will be my musings and you may find you love or disagree with them. My hope is that they will provoke your thinking.

A little bit about myself – It was a year ago that I left my last position.  Not my choice, but I knew at the exact moment it would end up being the right thing.  Turns out I was right.  Without boring you with typical clichés, sometimes we need a gentle or not so gentle push to send us in a better direction.

I won’t sugar coat this. There were some dark moments. Yes I questioned my abilities and attempted to read every self-help book I could find.  But I took the time to really think deeply about who and what I wanted to be and do.  I knew for sure that I wasn’t happy in the large organization anymore.  I was stressed to the max and only time and contemplation could help me become open again.