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what are we about?

Really we’re about you. If you are committed to effort, I am committed to being your champion. I am in the business of possibilities. Working with people willing to make the effort, I usher the change they want.

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who uses eve of change?

The reasons to work with a coach can vary greatly. The benefits can vary too, depending on who is being coached and what the goals are. They can range from an individual’s ability to simply live a better life to a corporation’s ability to be more profitable.

Some of the most universal benefits include:

  • Personal transformation
  • Developing future leaders for organizations
  • Leading change to create high performing, results-driven organizations
  • Learning how to be a coach to employees
  • Creating organizational cultures that value learning, coaching and continuous improvement

coaching for women

We have a special interest and a track record of successful outcomes working with women.

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corporate & team coaching

Whatever your organization’s culture or size, we can help improve performance of individuals and teams.

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We call our process
the Five Cs. They lead
to the essential C.


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I focus on a positive approach. Through honest and open dialogue, we identify what is right, what is working and what is missing. I can help you jettison what is wrong and what is not working. I help you define your impossible future and what is needed to achieve it.

Your work with me will evolve through a process of multi-linear steps. While there is order to the steps, you can always retrace any step when you need it.

And we can do it face to face, by Skype, phone or a combination. You choose the method that best accommodates you.


…credible, engaging, trustworthy, and knowledgeable and experienced which translated into meaningful dialogue with targeted questions to fully understand the coachees’ perspectives and goals the coachees wanted to achieve… the coaching experience has increased the coachees’ personal accountability for development and self-awareness.

Pearl Kavanagh-Stoesz, Director of Human Resources, Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet

I have worked with Eve Gaudet for the last 6 months, since I was laid off from my job. She has been an enormous help in guiding me through this challenging process: it is the first time in 15 years that I have been unemployed. Eve balances her approach by asking tough questions when they have to be asked, offering gentle support when needed, and opening my eyes to new ways to look at myself and the job market. I know that I have grown immeasurably with her help, and I would highly recommend Eve as a coach for anyone who is questioning their professional career.

Abby Robbins, Communications Director, Toronto

As my executive coach, Eve empowered me to apply the same focus to myself as I give my organization, friends and family. This accelerated my ability to embrace both personal and professional change. She provoked me to push myself harder while promising greater fulfillment once I reached my goal. Having achieved my first objective, I’m now looking forward to the next challenge ahead.

Blair Neufeld, Director, BC Government

After working with Eve, I feel beautiful, brilliant and empowered. Eve is a powerful blend of inquisition and kindness. She simultaneously propels me towards self-acceptance and celebration while spurring me towards growth and possibility. She is the catalyst of change that I have been looking for.

Eva Chen, Senior Compensation Advisor