I work with amazing women wanting to switch things up and take their game up a notch. Why? Because I have done it myself and its hard work to go it alone.

Have you ever found yourself starting over and wondering “how do I do this?”

meet eve

Not long ago I was a senior leader in government. I climbed that ladder, had some great opportunities, met smart people and travelled abroad. But there came a time when it just wasn’t fun anymore. The dreaded ‘S’ word (Stress!) crept in and sucked the life out of me – and my beautiful family.

It took time and a lot of deep work.

I had to to decompress and shift away from my corporate identity.

It was lonely and challenging at times but I trusted the process. I started focusing on the one thread that has given me passion over the years. Starting as a peer counselor in high school, through a degree in counseling, to mentoring many amazing women – it didn’t take me long to realize my gift.

Now, I work with women just like you to make big and little shifts in their careers and lives. Whether you are at rock bottom or mid way to the top of your game, I can help you rediscover the best version of YOU!

As an accredited coach, I take you through my Essential C model

We use my C Model toward an action plan that aligns with your goal.
(after all, goals are just a dream with a deadline)

Along the way we discover your strengths and qualities, how you show up in the world and what holds you back. Together we devise your unique action plan to take you to the next level. And along the way, we make friends with confidence, motivation, and all those pesky little things that, in the past, may have gotten in the way.

My philosophy is simple

You are capable of doing amazing things. I am here to help you realize the future that, right now, seems impossible.

When I’m not serving women like you I am blogging, laughing, spinning, traveling and cooking great meals with my handsome husband and beautiful daughters.

Want to learn more?

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