Up until a few years ago I believed that the faster I moved and the harder I worked, I would reach the Holy Grail of success. In today’s fast-paced world it was so easy to ramp myself up to follow the illusion of ambition. I put in long hours at work and self identified as a “high producer”. I became addicted to the thrill of creating at a fast pace. The endorphins would flow and I would announce unabashedly to my boss “I LOVE my job!” And at times I did love my job. But there was a cost.

Fast forward several years and everything is different – especially my perspective. I have learned that life is a marathon – not a sprint.

So what changed? I did. I took time off from working to slow right down. I call this my decompression phase. It took more than a couple of months but it was worth it. Not naturally being a fast-twitch gal, I slowed down to my natural pace. I chose to be an entrepreneur so I could set the speed and make the choices that are right for me. And voila, the stress hasn’t returned. Instead of running as fast as I can as much as I can, I now pace myself to enjoy the journey and soak up the learning.

Here are 7 things that will happen when you take the marathon route:

  1. With less stress, you show up as the best version of yourself
  2. You will soak up the view with greater awareness; the result is deeper learning
  3. It provides you time to navigate thoughtfully resulting in better decisions
  4. Instead of trying to prove yourself like the hare, you will be in better shape to confidently get to your goals (think tortoise)
  5. Others like you more – after all, who wants to be around someone who can’t sit still and listen
  6. It helps you avoid being in a reactive role as you anticipate what is ahead
  7. You won’t teeter on the edge of burn-out as you cross the finish lines of your projects and goals

And guess what? Today a client told me she discovered the “aha” of being a tortoise instead of a hare. The sprint was holding her back. As for me, I LOVE my job as a coach even more than my previous role.

What about you? Have you discovered the joys of running the marathon? Or are you still running the race as the fast-twitch hare? If so, how is it working for you? Would love to hear your story in the comments below.