It’s a beautiful winter (spring in my neighbourhood) day and I am busy figuring out the details of my business. After working for the big guy for years, this is like going back to school – except I am the teacher and the student. There is no one else!

Scary. But perfect.

Scary because I don’t know what I don’t know about running a business. Yes I know how to be a coach – and a good one. The part that ties my stomach in knots is the marketing and getting myself known. Someone once commented to me that I could sell anything to anyone. But this is different. I am selling the experience of coaching with me.

I have mined my best friend Google for information on social media, online marketing and anything to boost my visibility. There is no shortage of experts telling me what to do. In fact they are more than eager to share their Top Ten lists that will lead me to my pot of gold!

It feels like when I was a kid in the local candy store. So many irresistible choices. So many ways to get my message out. So many ideas to share. But this is different. Making the right choices for me, my brand and my potential clients is scary.

But here is my truth. This couldn’t be more perfect. For the first time in my life I get to choose. I get to design my message and tell it in ways that make sense to me. So toss the Top Ten lists and let me talk about what I know for certain.

Those who follow me will know that authenticity – being who I truly am – is key. If I tell my story and share my ideas with my voice, it will invite others to listen and share their stories. I will listen and learn how to better serve them. Here is the clue to my business philosophy: this reciprocal exchange is the foundation for relationships to develop. People will get comfortable with my message and me. They will learn I don’t have all the answers. They may not always agree with me, but they will learn to trust that they are getting the best I can give.

Am I scared? Yes. Am I in the perfect place in my life? Yes. And that is my message – have courage, have a voice, listen and bring our best. The rest will follow.

Are you in your scary but perfect place?
If not – why not?